Rank and Rent for Babies

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My Story

Hi I’m Jason Guy, and here is my story. 10 years ago I had a web developer build me an e-commerce site. I wanted to leave the daily grind and sell the supplies I used at work through the website. It failed miserably.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that the $5,000 I spent over 18 months on a website, did NOT include traffic. No traffic, no leads, no sales.

I spent the next 5 years learning web design, SEO, and finally Local SEO. The ability to get work in my field (because my e-commerce site failed) proved invaluable, and I blew the doors off my competition, even outranking competitors 20 miles away, in their own town, and in their own county search terms!

A few friends needed the same thing. My first Local SEO project I got paid for in firewood (yes for a firewood salesman) and the rest is history.

I’m probably only about 3 years ahead of you as far as the Rank and Rent game goes. You see, a few years into Local SEO and you get tired of it. The hassles of clients, the difficulty ranking. Phone calls and texts at dinner or after. Has nobody heard of email?

I moved over to the Rank and Rent model and never looked back, and I want to take you there with me.  Let me coach you, and teach you all the things I wish i knew 3 years ago.

(Update. 2/1/2020. We know alot of people can’t afford 1 on 1 coaching. Check out our new video series, with LIFETIME facebook group support now available for $497

Our Rank and Rent Course

OK. We now resume your previous content.)

What Do You Talk About in Your Coaching?

Choosing a Niche/City Combination

What’s in a Name, Really?

I’m Ranking, Now How Do I Rent?

Supplementing Your Local SEO With Google Adwords – A Live Walkthrough

Sources, Resources, Trustworthy Vendors

Local SEO Secrets to Rank Fast

The S.O.P. That Will Simplify Everything Down To a Science

How To Scale My Operation Like A Model T Assembly Line

Pull a 180… K

Chasing Clients.


Cold Calls and Emails all to find out they have heard it all before.

What if you could cut through the crap on that phone call?

Dude, I already own the #1 roofing website in your town.

Want 3 leads to prove it?


Free Trial.

Deal Closed.

Now Back to You.

Could You Pull a 180 in Your Local SEO Business?

How about $180k recurring income each year?

That’s gonna be the goal of our coaching program.

3 Years.

$180k recurring income.

Go sip margaritas in Aruba.

Charge their credits cards on the 1st.

Look do you wanna keep grinding?

If you stop working right now, you don’t make any money do you?

I do.

I would make $180k EVERY YEAR if I stopped working today.

Ok ok things pop up.

But I sure as heck ain’t working 40 hours a week for that 180.

I’m working on my next 60k.

$240K here i come.

You see, every year I’m adding 60k recurring to my income.

And I wanna teach you how to do the same.

The Question Is, Are You Willing To Commit Just One or Two Months?

Four Sessions, or Eight Sessions.

One Hour Each.

Every Friday Afternoon.

To Pull a 180 in How You…


Do Business.

Process Clients.

Generate Leads.

I Know What You’re Thinking.

This Guy Is About To Ask For $12,000

I Mean I’ve Heard About Him.

I’m In HIS Facebook Group, Rank and Rent for Babies.

He’s An Expert in His Field.

Did You Write That?

How Kind.

Thank You.

I Digress.

No, it’s Not That Much.


No. But it will be by 2019.

Don’t Worry, The Classes Are Much More To The Point Than This.

Drumroll Please.


8 Weeks Coaching

18 Months Access to me on Facebook Messenger

There are courses that sell for this.

Group Coachings that Go For More.

But This is One on One Coaching.

And it will change the way you do business.

Take One Small Step To Pull a 180 In Your Business.

Just Say Yes.

You Don’t Even Have to Pay Me Yet.

Just Facebook PM Me Right Now. Click Here.

Say Yes.

And I’ll Walk You On The Journey I’ve Been On The Last 3 Years.


Let’s Do It Together.

UPDATE Rank and Rent Course Now Available 2/1/2020

Can’t Afford 1-on-1 Coaching at This Time?

Consider Instead Our Video Series

Comes With The Lifetime Membership Support of A Facebook Group Where You Can Ask Questions From Others With The Same Goal As You

New Videos Added Monthly

Our Rank and Rent For Babies Course is a Great Way to Get Started and See if This is Something That Can Work for You WITHOUT Spending Thousands of Dollars to Get Started

Come Join Us Today and Build Your Rental Empire!